Microsoft SharePoint

We used to say “SharePoint is many things to many people”. Well, SharePoint is still many things but it all depends what you want to do with it. Learn about how SharePoint can help in your business.

Electronic Forms

Still doing things with paper forms? Electronic age has its legacy – paper. You can now do more with less by adopting electronic forms in your business. No longer retyping and get inputs instantaneously – well, almost instantaneous.

Responsive Website

Sounds oxymoron, right? Try viewing this website on your smart phone and if you already are, try viewing on your laptop. See the difference? Yes, our website adjusted accordingly. That is a single website for all devices. You can build yours similarly too.

Information Security

If you have many of those “For Your Eyes Only” document, you can find out how you can continue protecting your document when you send it to others. Find out how to protect your intellectual property.

Mobile Strategy

Smart phones these days can be intimidating as well as helpful. If you think you want to leverage on mobile devices to enhance your business or your sales, you can. Find out how you can bring your business alive in the mobile world. This includes tablets as well.

Software Application Development

We write software and build applications for many years now. We have .NET and JAVA developers. We also web application expertise as well. Find out how we can collaborate to enhance your business with software and business applications.

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