Continuous Professional Development

Continuous Professional Development program keeps Professionals updated with constant learning and retraining. The portal brings together all the essentials of CPD such as training information, scheduling, cost and hours tracking, and other timely information to all the stakeholders. Business, association, training provider and executive no longer needs to struggle to put it together as the portal now does it for them.

Mobile Betting

Horse racing involved both science and game of chance. The science element requires punters to understand the race conditions, the technicality presented in the horse stats, and finally the excitement of predictions with calculated risks. We bring all that combination into the tablets and smart phone and given the punters to even out the odds.

Sales Tracking & Quality Management

Microsoft SharePoint is customized to track quotations and customer complains. The customer’s business requires thorough effort for each quotation generated as slight mistake may cause losses to them. SharePoint ties the effort of sales and quality management together to ensure that all orders are done correctly and to minimize amount of defects in production.


You probably received one of those electronic statements for your bill. These days many organizations offer discounts or waivers if you decided to receive your bill electronically. They save millions of dollars every year simply turning to electronic statements. Not discounting the millions of trees too.

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