Success Stories

CPI Malaysia Sdn Bhd has enhanced their sales process and quality control with the implementation of SharePoint. The processes are now better coordinated, always updated and centrally monitored. The different department and business units can now collaborate to improve their services and products to their customers.

Mobile Strategy

With mobile devices becoming our everyday companion, it is interesting to find many businesses are also considering this platform as part of their innovation. We in IPS believe that a mobile strategy is required in every business before jumping into the bandwagon. Learn how to tackle mobile without first stretching your pocket.

SharePoint Services

SharePoint allows you to share your work and work, organize projects and teams and discover information. It is the most commonly used collaboration and information management software in businesses. Learn how SharePoint can help you empower your business, management and employees.

Our Vision

We believe in delivering the Power of Information to organizations. We solve Information challenges of businesses by adopting the best practices in technology, process and knowhow. We are constantly focusing on innovating; keeping abreast and using the latest technology and software we can get our hands on to improve our expertise. We believe there are solutions to every problem; and our insights and innovative minds can provide significant contribution to our clients. We believe in deep collaboration with our clients, which allow us to innovate in a way that others cannot. And we don't settle for anything less than excellence and we hope to empower our clients by access to and sharing of timely and trusted information.

Meet the Founders

Boon Toh


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